LACA President Diego Lamas talks crystals on Argentinian TV

[Diego Lamas on TV]

Diego Lamas, President of the Latin American Crystallographic Association, recently participated in the Argentinian TV show 'todo tiene un porqué' ('Everything has a reason') aired by the TV Pública Argentina channel. On this occasion, the program was dedicated to explaining what a geode is and, in that context, Diego was invited to explain how crystals are formed and demonstrate simple experiments that can be performed at home or school. For example, he explained how to make beautiful crystalline sugar sticks and how to imitate a geode by growing crystals in an eggshell. He also explained the main topics studied in Crystallography and commented on some of the work presented in the Argentinian Crystal Growing Competition for Secondary Schools and in the IUCr Crystal Growing Competition for schoolchildren.

Here is a link to the program, in Spanish, on the Argentinian TV site.

[Diego Lamas on TV sugar crystals]Diego Lamas (center) explains how to obtain sugar polycrystals from a seed crystal.

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3 August 2018

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