25th Slovenian-Croatian Crystallographic Meeting

Plenary lecturers (l-r): H. Puschmann, J.K. Cockcroft, E. Boldyreva, D. Stalke and K. Molčanov (missing M. Marinšek).

The 25th Slovenian-Croatian Crystallographic Meeting was held in June 2017 in the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the newly built Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. There were 79 registered participants from Austria, Germany, India, Russian Federation, South Africa, UK, Croatia and Slovenia. Five plenary lectures were presented: 'High-pressure studies of organic and coordination compounds' (Elena Boldyreva, Novosibirsk, Russia), 'More than 100 years of Lewis diagrams - still valid in the light of charge density?' (Dietmar Stalke, Göttingen, Germany), 'Powder diffraction: an essential complementary tool for those skilled in the art but one with pitfalls for the unwary' (Jeremy Karl Cockcroft, London, UK), 'Stacking of planar conjugated rings - beyond aromatics' (Krešimir Molčanov, Zagreb, Croatia) and 'Microstructure evolution in cermet anodes for solid oxide fuel cells' (Marjan Marinšek, Ljubljana, Slovenia). To enrich the programme of the meeting, an Olex2 workshop was also organized (Horst Puschmann, OlexSys and Durham University, UK).

One of the advantages of the Slovenian-Croatian Meetings is that all participants give an oral presentation, which gives young scientists the opportunity to present their work in a friendly but professional atmosphere. 59 short oral presentations addressed contemporary topics in crystallography: structure determination of organic, inorganic and coordination compounds; crystal architecture and design; phase transitions; solid solutions; structure-property relationships; synergy of diffraction and complementary techniques; and history.

The meeting was organized jointly by the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana, and the Croatian Crystallographic Association under the auspices of the University of Ljubljana, and promoted by the Slovenian Chemical Society. There was no registration fee. Therefore we thank the sponsors, donors and advertisers: European Crystallographic Association, Renacon, Rigaku, Bruker, MiTeGen, Crystal Impact, Stoe, Dectris, Mettler Toledo, Aparatura, Lek-Sandoz, Laboratorij-um and Scan.

More information about the meeting can be found here.

3 August 2018

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