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ED-1: ELDICO’s novel electron diffractometer

ED-1: ELDICO’s novel electron diffractometer (the first of its kind) can produce accurate atomic structures from nano-sized samples in minutes.

With the revolutionary ED-1, ELDICO Scientific, a Swiss technology and solution provider, is pleased to introduce its brand-new electron diffractometer. The novel instrument combines an electron beam of radically simplified design with a goniometer precise down to the submicrometer. In a class of its own, the new tool combines the best of both worlds, enabling diffraction experiments at the nanoscale in an easy-to-install, user-friendly device. Equipped with this instrument, any crystallographic lab will be able to perform routine analysis on samples that have so far been considered prohibitive.

The ELDICO ED-1 combines the precision and workflow of X-ray diffraction instrumentation with the potential of electrons. With ELDICO’s disruptive instrument, the question of the availability of sufficiently large crystals – so far the most significant and most painful bottleneck in crystallography – may soon just be an anecdote of the past.

ELDICO Scientific has tailored the novel tool to strictly adhere to the most essential specifications. The device is a clever combination of a five-axis, 140° rotation, submicrometer-precise goniometer and a 160 keV electron beam with specifically designed optics. This tool makes it easy to produce accurate atomic structures from inorganic as well as organic samples within minutes. ELDICO’s ED-1 has Dectris inside: the powerful QUADRO is the most proven detector well suited for electrons. The cryo function, available as an option, provides cooling by conduction to support work near nitrogen levels.

With its superior features, the device outperforms any other method used for nano-sized samples. The diffractometer is designed to measure samples in the range from 10 to 1.000 nm and is targeted to provide resolution of up to 0.84 Å with at least 60–70% complete datasets having an Rint <20%. These data typically allow for structure solution and refinement down to R1 values of <10% in 75% of cases, with unit-cell determination as accurate as 1:1000.

The ED-1 is dedicated solely to electron diffraction. With its disruptive horizontal design and innovative probe-handling mechanism, the diffractometer will help crystallographers enter the field of nanocrystallography and produce important structural information faster, of better quality and at a competitive price.

ELDICO’s product and service offering ranges from device procurement and CAPEX-friendly subscription solutions for industrial companies to special arrangements for academic users and measurements-as-a-service – and is thus perfectly tailored to the needs of any crystallographer. More information:

28 July 2021

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