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Core dictionary (coreCIF) version 2.4.5


'_atom_site_label_component_0' '_atom_site_label_component_1' '_atom_site_label_component_2' '_atom_site_label_component_3' '_atom_site_label_component_4' '_atom_site_label_component_5' '_atom_site_label_component_6'


   Component 0 is normally a code which matches identically with
   one of the _atom_type_symbol codes. If this is the case, then the
   rules governing the _atom_type_symbol code apply. If, however,
   the data item _atom_site_type_symbol is also specified in the
   atom-site list, component 0 need not match this symbol or adhere
   to any of the _atom_type_symbol rules.
   Component 1 is referred to as the "atom number". When component 0
   is the atom-type code, it is used to number the sites with the
   same atom type. This component code must start with at least one
   digit which is not followed by a + or - sign (to distinguish it
   from the component 0 rules).
   Components 2 to 6 contain the identifier, residue, sequence,
   asymmetry identifier and alternate codes, respectively. These
   codes may be composed of any characters except an underscore.

Appears in list containing _atom_site_label

Type: char

Category: atom_site