Crystallographic Information Framework

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DDLm dictionary version 3.14.0




     The origin or source of the defined data item, indicating by what
     recording process it has been added to the domain instance.

Type: Code

The data value must be one of the following:

A value (numerical or otherwise) recorded by observation or measurement during the experimental collection of data. This item is PRIMITIVE.

A value (numerical or otherwise) assigned as part of the data collection, analysis or modelling required for a specific domain instance. These assignments often represent a decision made that determines the course of the experiment (and therefore may be deemed PRIMITIVE) or a particular choice in the way the data was analysed (and therefore may be considered NOT PRIMITIVE).

A value or tag used in the construction of looped lists of data. Typically identifying an item whose unique value is the reference key for a loop category and/or an item which has values in common with those of another loop category and is considered a Link between these lists.

A quantity derived from other data items within the domain instance. This item is NOT PRIMITIVE.

Enumeration default: Assigned