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ICCD Announces Scholarship Winners

The International Centre for Diffraction Data is pleased to announce the awarding of four Crystallography Scholarships for 1996.

P. M. Len
(U. of California, Davis)
A. Oakley
(St. Vincent's Institute of Medical Research, Australia)
L. Shimoni
(Fox Chase Cancer Center)
H. Xu

The above have been designated recipients by the ICDD Scholarship Award Selection Committee.

P. Len's research centers on the theoretical development of a holographic technique to determine atomic crystal structure from elecrron or fluorescent X-ray diffraction data. A. Oakley is exploring structural and functional aspects of glutathione S-transferases by X-ray crystallography and computer graphics techniques. L. Shimoni is determining the crystal structures of two enzymes: porphobilinogen synthase and ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase. H. Xu is studying the Order-Disorder Phase Transition in B-Eucryprite.