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Real Powder Structures in Slovakia

A conference on X-ray Powder Diffraction Analysis of the Real Structure of Matter in August 1995 was organized by the Commission on Powder Diffraction, the Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association and the Military Academy Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia. More than 120 participants from 23 countries contributed 117 oral and poster presentations covering the entire range of X-ray and neutron powder diffraction analysis of the structure, grain size, strain and texture of real molecules. A book on powder diffraction based upon the lectures will be edited by R. L. Snyder, H.-J. Burgi and J. Fiala. The conference included a report on the round robin test on crystallite size and microstrain determination organized jointly by the JCPDS-International Centre for Diffraction Data and the Commission on Powder Diffraction. Future plans of the project were discussed. The abstracts were published as a special issue of the journal Materials Structure in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Technology (ISSN 1210-85-29).

Jaroslav Fiala