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Stanley Siegel (1915 -1995)

Dr Stanley Siegel received his PhD at the University of Chicago in the Department of Physics, performed war-time research at the National Bureau of Standards in Washington, and worked at the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Center in Chicago before joining Argonne National Lab. as a senior scientist and an expert in single crystal and powder diffraction. He was a staff member at Argonne from 1950 through 1981 where he gained world renown for his contributions to the understanding of bonding between metals and oxygen and uranium oxide phase relationships at high temperatures and high pressures. Siegel determined the structure of many new compounds including noble gas fluoride compounds which were believed to be inert to chemical reactions. His research and interests included Lab. programs, Basic Energy Sciences, Environmental Chemistry, Pressurized Fluidized-Bed combustion, Electrochemistry, and Materials Sciences. After his retirement in 1981, he continued as a consultant to the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Instrumental Analysis Group, Battery Development Group, and the Integral Fast Reactor Programs at Argonne.

Paul L. Johnson
Argonne National Lab