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Protein Symposium in Pakistan

Tibo Shibo (left) and Zafar Zaidi reflect on the crystallography of crystalline in Pakistan.

L. Johnson. D. Moss. P. Lindley. H. Driessen and J. Markley were among ninety participants attending the 4th International Symposium on Protein Structure and Function at Karachi, Pakistan in January of l995. The biannual symposium organized by Z. Zaidi and A. Abbasi of HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry permits interaction for the young scientists of the region with experts in the industrialized countries. The symposium was dedicated to Pakistani scientist, M. Akhtar, FRS, Chairman of the Biochemistry Department at the University of Southampton (UK) and was opened with his lecture on "How is the dioxygen-iron bond manipulated by transport and catalytic haem proteins?" Many participants from the region presented their work in the poster session. The next symposium in the series will be held in January of 1997.

Samar Hasnain