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Kansai Seminar House, Kyoto, Japan

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(35° 03' 02.62" N, 135° 48' 11.46" E)


The 2008 Crystallographic Computing School will be held at the Kansai Seminar house; at the town of Kyoto. The 2008 Crystallographic Computing School will be held at the Kansai Seminar house in Kyoto. Kyoto is the cultural center of Japan with its long history. The modern city treasures its heritage with its 1600 Buddhist temples, 400 Shinto shrines, and its exquisite gardens. Kyoto is also a center of Japanese tradition loved by Japanese and people of the world.

The Kansai Seminar House The Kansai Seminar House was originally derived from movement initiated in Germany by the Christian Churches soon after World War II. The influence reached Japan in the 1960's and the Kansai Seminar House was founded in Shugakuin, Kyoto in 1967. Contributions came from the Christian Academy Movement of Germany, churches affiliated with NCC-USA, and Japan.

[room in Kansai Seminar House]

The Kansai Seminar House provides 6 meeting rooms and 27 guest rooms, each with its bathroom: 13 double rooms, 11 triple rooms, Japanese style rooms with 5 people sharing, Japanese style room with 6 people sharing, Japanese style room with 8 people sharing. This makes it especially suitable for hosting conventions and conferences with about 60 to 80 participants. Wireless Internet can be used in every guest room and meeting room.

Repeating from the mainpage: while the scientific program is busy, one must not forget the body (or the mind would wither!). Food for the body can be expected with the tranditional Japanese cuisine and famous Kyoto food such as Tofu skin, Tempura, Kyo yasai and Pickles . All breakfasts, lunches and dinners are taken in the Kansai Seminar House, and included in registration cost.

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