Commission on Crystallographic Computing


Registration deadline : June 30th

Registrant requirements

  • The School is intended for senior postgraduates, postdocs and above with a knowledge of crystallography who may want to become involved in software development, but lack experience in this. It is not intended to teach crystallography to computationally literate students, nor is it expected to teach the basics of programming.
  • It is assumed that students on the course will have (at least) scanned through a copy of one or more of the following books, depending on their background;
    • D. Blow, Outline of Crystallography for Biologists, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2002.
    • W. Clegg, A.J. Blake, R.O. Gould & P. Main, Crystal Structure Analysis: Principles and Practice, ed. W. Clegg, IUCr & Oxford Science Publications, Oxford, 2001.
    • Fundamentals of Powder Diffraction and Structural Characterization of Materials by Vitalij Pecharsky and Peter Zavalij, Springer, 2003, ISBN: 1-4020-7365-8.
    It would not be too much to expect that all students would be familiar with the contents of
    • C. Giacovazzo, H.L. Monaco, D. Viterbo, F. Scordari, G. Gilli, G. Zanotti & M. Catti, Fundamentals of Crystallography (2nd Edition), ed. C. Giacovazzo, IUCr & Oxford Science Publications, Oxford, 2002.
    (especially those chapters on "Symmetry in Crystals" and "Crystallographic Computing")
  • Students should have some programming skills such as the ability to write a runnable non-trivial program in a language like FORTRAN or C (or C++, Python or Java) (with calls to subroutines or functions).
  • Participants are assumed to bring their own laptop computer on which 'school required software' can be installed
  • Note: To get from Siena to the IUCr Florence congress on the afternoon of the 23rd of August, a bus will be provided as part of registration cost.

Registration costs

  • 550 Euro for full accomodation including meals (single room) (NO VACANCIES)
  • 500 Euro for full accomodation including meals (shared room)
  • 400 Euro for lodging not included (but includes cost of lunches and dinners).
  • Accompanying Person : 250 Euro (Outside Accomodation but with evening meals, evening drinks at the Certosa; and school dinner in Siena for 21st August).

Preliminary registration

Numbers of attendees for the school are limited, so Preliminary Registration can now be sent (as of 1st December 2004) with a registration deadline of June 30th. Please include the following requested info:

  1. CV Summary
  2. Interest (macro,small,powder etc.)
  3. Accomodation Preference

Click here to mail your Preliminary Registration information.

If this does not spawn your E-mail software, Email to the following school contact people:

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  • with the Subject: Preliminary Registration For Siena 2005 Crystallographic Computing School

Note: If you do not get a reply within 3 working days, please E-mail again and query this lack of response (don't send any file attachments). The most likely cause is an over-eager institutional SPAM filter.

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