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2008 Osaka Crystallographic Software Fayre

Tuesday 26th August - Friday 29th August 2008

(Click for a Satellite image of Grand Cube Osaka (the site of IUCr 2008 Congress) via Google Maps/Google World)

Thanks to the generousity of the IUCr 2008 Osaka Congress organisers, there will be a non-Commercial Crystallographic Software Fayre at the IUCr Osaka 2008 Congress from Tuesday 26th August to Friday 29th August 2008.

For formal demonstrations, the Software Fayre will include a speakers-podium PC Core2Duo 2G/512M/100G/WinXP connected to the Internet with a computer projector system and microphone system (as well as room for the presenter to setup a laptop). Check the bookings page as to programs and slots already booked. If you would like to book some time slots for demonstrating a program of interest, E-mail the Software Fayre organiser (Lachlan Cranswick) at lachlanc@magma.ca.

Lachlan Cranswick will be out of Email range from the 16th of August. After this time, bookings can be done during the congress itself in Osaka.