New opportunity for Commissioning Editors for IUCr Journals

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The International Union of Crystallography publishes nine leading journals in crystallographic research, including crystallographic instrumentation and methods, and crystallography-based application sciences. As the Union enters its eighth decade, we are announcing an exciting opportunity for a category of editor new to IUCr journals: Commissioning Editors in the fields of Chemistry and Materials, Biology, and Methods and Instrumentation. The three Commissioning Editors will work with the Main Editors, Managing Editors and Editorial Boards of all IUCr journals, as well as with the Editor-in-Chief, to commission, send out for review, and edit high-quality articles from leading researchers that will highlight both the role of crystallography in cutting-edge research and new science where crystallography can advance the state of the art.

As well as handling commissioned articles, the role of the Commissioning Editors will include development of Special Issues involving one or more of the journals, and working with IUCr journal Main Editors to recruit new Co-editors to join the various IUCr journal Editorial Boards. In all aspects, please note that the IUCr is committed to improving gender and geographical balance while maintaining the highest scientific standards.

The nine IUCr journals are (fully open-access journals are denoted by an asterisk, others are hybrid):

IUCrJ* (cross-cutting and high profile)

Acta Crystallographica A: Advances and Foundations

Acta Crystallographica B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials

Acta Crystallographica C: Structural Chemistry

Acta Crystallographica D: Structural Biology (especially biological macromolecules)

Acta Crystallographica E*: Crystallographic Communications

Acta Crystallographica F: Structural Biology Communications

Journal of Applied Crystallography (applied crystallography and interdisciplinary research)

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation (synchrotron radiation, free electron lasers)

In addition, there is the IUCr’s open data publication: IUCrData*.

Candidates for Commissioning Editors should meet similar appointment criteria to those for IUCr journal Main Editors given here.

Please write in confidence by 31 March 2019 to the Editor-in-Chief and Executive Managing Editor, enclosing your CV, a list of up to 20 of your most important publications, your vision for the role of the Commissioning Editor appointment you are applying for (Chemistry and Materials, Biology, or Methods and Instrumentation) in 500 words and a full list of publications.

20 February 2019

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