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World Directory of Crystallographers On-line

M. Dacombe

The Ninth edition of the World Directory is now at an advanced state of preparation. Unlike earlier editions, the information in this new version will be available through on-line database access and by e-mail request. Most of the entries may already be accessed from sites connected to the Internet using the gopher or mosaic programs. The starting address for gopher queries is; for mosaic (or other World-Wide Web browsing programs) More detailed searches using telnet or e-mail interfaces will be made available in the near future to everyone with an entry in the World Directory. All such individuals will receive an information sheet with their personal access password, and instructions on accessing the database.

Further information may be obtained in the document "How to Use the IUCr Electronic Informations Services", available by anonymous ftp from, in the directory pub (filename howto.asc); or as the World-Wide Web document