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Crystallography Reports

Illustration of a film heterostructure from Assembly of Multilayer Ordered Films by Alternating Adsorption of Oppositely Charged Macromolecules by Y. M. Lvov and G. Decher, in Crystallography Reports Vol. 39, 1994, pp. 628-647.

Crystallography Reports, a Journal of the Russian Academy of Science, formerly Soviet Physics Crystallography, covers an exceptionally wide range of crystal and diffraction physics and includes contributions on theory and application of atomic and molecular structure, phase transitions, elastic, optical,  magnetic, acoustical, and electrical properties of matter in the solid state, liquid crystals, crystal and epitaxial growth, temperature dependence of cell dimensions, and point defects. This richly illustrated journal deserves wider distribution and attention and would benefit from additionalsupport from the entire crystallographic community. Submission of manuscripts by crystallographers working outside Russia would produce a truly international journal and improve access to international research results by Russian scientists.

The following titles are from Vol. 39, No.4:

  • Ideal Crystals in Spaces of a Constant Curvature
  • Comparing Point Sets to Separate Common Subsets
  • Dynamical X-ray Focusing under Conditions of the X-ray Acoustic Resonance: I. Focusing on Perfect Crystals
  • Elimination of Collimation Distortions in Small-Angle Scattering Calculations of Particle-Size Distribution
  • An Optical Model of a Surface in the X-ray Range
  • High-Resolution X-ray Diffractometry of GexSi1-x Superlattices
  • A Method of Automatically Indexing Laue Patterns
  • Averaging of Electron Microscope Images with Minimal Loss in Resolution
  • A New Representative of the Cancrinite Family
  • New Dioxolane Analogs of 2',3'-Dideoxynucleosides
  • Schematic Representation of Hydrogen-Bonded Structures
  • Valence States of Titanium Ions in Corundum Crystals
  • Domain Structure of KTiOPO4 Crystals
  • Torsional Vibrations of Quartz Rods
  • The Mechanical Properties of PbCl2 Single Crystals
  • Alignment of Point Defects by Slip Deformation: A Rule or an Exception?
  • The Solubility of Gallium Orthophosphate GaPO4 under Hydrothermal Conditions
  • Growing b-BaB2O4 Single Crystals from Fluorine-Containing Fluxes.

Crystallographers should encourage libraries to subscribe to Crystallography Reports. For information about subscription or instructions to authors, contact WLD at address on p. 1.

William L. Duax