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Memories of Belov

Dear Bill:

I was particularly pleased to see the 1957 photograph of Betty Wood and N. V. Belov in Montreal at the Fourth Congress in the October 1994 issue (p. 2). Two other notable crystallographers are also clearly visible in it. Seymour Geller of Bell Telephone Laboratories (as it was then known) may be seen standing and Jim Speakman of Glasgow University is shown seated. Professor Belov's contributions to so many IUCr gatherings are remembered affectionately by many. A favorite of mine is of him in 1968, when he was IUCr President, at the Churchill College intercongress meeting on accurate X-ray intensity determination in Cambridge. Coming out of an afternoon session, I was impressed to find him enjoying the sunshine in his beret as he was completing a London Times crossword puzzle!

Sidney Abrahams