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Crystallization library and database

Single crystals of a membrane-active killer toxin. (Courtesy of M. Erman)

Just getting started in crystal growth? Looking for helpful ideas and tips? Hampton Research has a useful collection of short, snappy publications that they offer free of charge. You may request any or all of the following by document numbers.

  • Sample prep for initial  crystallization trials. #CG1013
  • Crystallization techniques: sitting drop, hanging drop, sandwich, free interface diffusion, batch, and dialysis. #CG1012
  • Optimization flow chart for macromolecular crystallization. #CG1012
  • 21 crystal growth tips. #21CGT1
  • Yet another 21 crystal growth tips. #21CGT2
  • Getting started in crystallization - recommendations and supplies. #GSIC
  • Current titles in crystal growth. #CTCG1.

The NIST/NASA/CARB Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database system contains crystal data and the crystallization conditions of single crystals of all classes of protein and nucleic acid molecules. The data for each of the 21 crystal forms of more than 1500 biological macromolecules in the present release Version 3.0 has been extracted from the scientific literature through 1993. The biological macromolecules for which data have been compiled include proteins, protein:protein complexes, nucleic acids, nucleic acid:nucleic acid complexes, protein:nucleic acid complexes, and viruses. The database is available for PC and Macintosh systems.

The BMCD system provides a convenient method for verifying whether or not a particular biological macromolecule has been crystallized and if so, provides the details for reproducing the crystallization procedure. Since crystallization conditions are empirically determined for each macromolecule, the BMCD system will prove useful in limiting the choice of reagents and conditions for experiments in the laboratory to a manageable number. The crystallization data in the BMCD system contains information concerning the macromolecule and information concerning a particular crystal form of the macromolecule.

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