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Commission on Small Molecules

J. Boeyens, F. Herbstein and J. Flippen-Anderson do lunch in Beijing, 1993. (Photo WLD)

The Commission on Small Molecules is reviewing proposals for future workshops and symposia as well as a possible change in the name of the commission. I. D. Brown (Canada) has presented a proposal for a workshop on "The Structure Systematics and Modeling of Inorganic Solid State Materials" as a satellite meeting of the 1995 ACA meeting in Montreal, J. C. A. Boeyens (South Africa) submitted a proposal to hold a workshop on "The Fundamental Principles of Molecular Modeling" in South Africa at the end of August 1995, and a session on "Intermolecular Interactions and Packing in Crystals" planned for the ECM-16 is to be conducted with the cooperation of the SMC and commission member J. A. K. Howard (UK). Y. Ohashi (Japan) has expressed a desire to organize a session on molecular recognition at the 1995 meeting of the Asian Crystallographic Association in Thailand.

The following names have been suggested as possible alternatives to the present name of the commission:

  • Commission on Structural Chemistry
  • Commission on Chemical Crystallography
  • Commission on Small Moiety Crystallography

The members of the CSM are being polled concerning their opinion. If you wish to voice your opinion, Contact  Commission Chair F. Herbstein, Dept. of Chem., Technion-Israel Inst. of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel. FAX: 972-4-233735, e-mail: chr03fh@technion.

J. Flippen-Anderson, USA