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Since 2010, the Phenix group (mainly based at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California) has been producing a newsletter with a similar name, but of particular interest to the protein crystallography community; it's available from



  • Compcomm Newsletter No. 9, October 2008
    • with the theme of "Presentations from the IUCr Crystallographic Computing School, Kyoto, Japan, 18th to 23rd August 2008".
      Newsletter collated by Lachlan Cranswick


  • Compcomm Newsletter No. 8, November 2007
    • with the theme of 'Crystallographic Computing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory: 1954 to 1968' by William Busing; and other articles.
      Editor - Lachlan Cranswick



  • Compcomm Newsletter No. 6, September 2005
    • with the theme of "Presentations from the IUCr Crystallographic Computing School, Certosa di Pontignano, University of Siena, Tuscany, Italy, Thursday 18th - Tuesday 23rd August 2005".
      Newsletter collated by Lachlan Cranswick
  • Compcomm Newsletter No. 5, January 2005
    • with the theme of "At Right Angles to Conventional Crystallographic reality: incommensurate structures, quasicrystals and pair distribution functions".
      Editors - Simon Billinge, Gervais Chapuis, Lachlan Cranswick and Ron Lifshitz



Call for Contributions

Compcomm Newsletters are expected to appear once per year with primary themes to be determined. If no-one is else is co-opted, the newsletter will be edited by Lachlan Cranswick.

Contributions would be also greatly appreciated on matters of general interest to the crystallographic computing community, e.g. meeting reports, future meetings, developments in software, algorithms, coding, historical articles, programming languages, techniques and other news.

Please send articles and suggestions directly to:

Lachlan M. D. Cranswick
CNBC, National Research Council of Canada,
Building 459, Station 18,
Chalk River Laboratories,
Chalk River, Ontario,
Canada, K0J 1J0

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