Commission on Crystallographic Computing


Certosa di Pontignano, of the University of Siena, Tuscany, Italy

[Certosa di Pontignano]


Thanks to the University of Siena, the 2005 Crystallographic Computing School will be held at the Certosa di Pontignano; roughly 8 miles from the town center of Siena and surrounded by vineyards. The history of the Certosa di Pontignano first starts in the 1300's as a monastery. In the 15th and 16th centuries, it was sacked and burned on multiple occassions. It's monks were suppressed under Napoleon, and the property purchased and sold by a variety of families. In 1959 (fortunately for this computing school), the complex was purchased by the University of Siena, who then turned it into a university residence.

The Certosa di Pontignano is not a hotel, but a university guest house with 44 rooms, each with its bathroom: 20 single rooms, 18 double rooms, 4 double beds and 1 double + 1 French bed with a shared bathroom. This makes it especially suitable for hosting conventions and conferences with about 60 to 70 participants. Every room has a network connection to the Internet.

[Bracci room]
[Small cloister]

The Computing School expects not only to have a good program of lectures, but a wonderful setting for lunch and sunny late afternoon crystallographic discussions over wine, dinner into evening twilight and beyond. Planned and included in the registration cost, is an evening dinner and twilight walk around the town of Siena. This is intended to occur on the third day of the school, to act as a rest break from an onerous work schedule.

Repeating from the mainpage: while the scientific program is busy, one must not forget the body (or the mind would wither!). Food to grow the crystallographic soul will be prepared and served by an ensemble of the top computational crystallographers in the world. Food for the body can be expected with the best cuisine and wine of the local Chianti countryside. Breakfast is included in the Certosa di Pontignano accomodation costs. All lunches and dinners are included in the registration costs.


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