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In-venue accommodation

(meals and in-venue shared accommodation included in registration cost)

Click for Satellite image of Kansai Seminar House via Google Maps/Google World
(35° 03' 02.62" N, 135° 48' 11.46" E)

For in-venue Kansai Seminar House each with its bathroom: rooms that are available are 11 triple-share rooms for three people each (each with its own bathroom), Japanese style rooms with 5 people sharing, Japanese style room with 6 people sharing, Japanese style room with 8 people sharing. Wireless Internet can be used in every guest room and meeting room.

[room in Kansai Seminar House] [room in Kansai Seminar House]

All breakfast, lunch and dinner are taken in the Kansai Seminar House, and included in registration cost.

Hotel accommodation near the venue

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An affordable hotel near the Kansai Seminar House is the Apical Inn Kyoto (3-Star Hotel). Kansai seminar house will offer a free shuttle between Apical Inn Kyoto and Kansai seminar house. There are 12 single rooms (6,900JPY/night/person - around 45 Euros); 24 Japanese style(8,000JPY/person/night - around 51 Euros) (about twice that for a double room). There are no baths for this rooms and the venue commutable baths are used. The hotel has no LAN/WiFi.[room in Kansai Seminar House]

Apical Inn Kyoto
3-3 Kotakeyabu-cho
Marugasaki Kotakeyabu,
Sakyo-ku, 606 0967
Kyoto, Japan
Phone/Fax: +81 75 7227711, +81 75 7222185

More expensive hotels near(ish) to the Kansai Seminar House

Cheaper but far away from Kansai Seminar House

Other hotels and hostels in Kyoto are listed at:

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