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If E-mailing, please put the text "Software Fayre" somewhere in the title and don't title your Email in a way that makes them look like SPAM (e.g., "make money now", etc; or no E-mail title at all) else your message could get deleted by an automatic E-mail SPAM filter.

Lachlan Cranswick will be out of Email range from the 16th of August. After this time, bookings can be done during the congress itself in Osaka.

Software Fayre Program Contact

[Lachlan Cranswick] Lachlan Cranswick
Canadian Neutron Beam Centre (CNBC),
National Research Council of Canada (NRC),
Building 459, Station 18, Chalk River Laboratories,
Chalk River, Ontario, Canada, K0J 1J0
Tel: (613) 584-8811 (Ext. 3719)
Fax: (613) 584-4040

If the above E-mail address does not give a fast response within one to two working days

Lachlan Cranswick might be out of work E-mail range. Thus try his home E-mail address at . . . lachlan "at"

If all else fails, contact:

[Anthony L. Spek] Prof. Dr. Anthony L. Spek
Director of National Single Crystal Service Facility,
H.R. Kruytgebouw, N-801,
Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht,
the Netherlands
Tel: +31-30-2532538
Fax: +31-30-2533940

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